Sunday, January 30, 2011

Running in Snow and Back in the Pool

Sat - Run, 7 miles on indoor track, 69:43

Yes, I ran 56 LAPS on the track at my gym. This is because the temperature was between 0 and -4 here that day! At least I was able to change directions after the first two and half miles.

Sun - Lift - Chest, Bi, Tri, Shoulders, and Hip exercises
Mon - Bike, 21.1 miles on trainer, 1 hr 15 min
Tue - Run, 4.5 miles on local streets, 47:30
Wed - Bike, 17 miles on trainer, 60 min
Thur - Run, 3.2 miles on treadmill, 32:30

Fri - Bike, 12.5 miles on trainer, 45 min AND - Swim, 1000 yds, 23 min

For the first time since Nov 8 I went swimming!!! That was two days ago and I'm still sore in my arms. HA!!!! Also, I didn't realize how much the ab muscles are used in swimming. :-)

Sat - Run, 7 miles in SNOW on trails in the woods, 1 hr 49 min

In some places the snow was at least 8 inches deep!!!! Almost everyone else we saw on the trails in the park were either wearing snowshoes or cross country skiis. We were in our trail running shoes! Oh - and that time is correct - our average pace was 15:38 per mile! Ha! Thank goodness for my Grunt Girls friends who got me through this.
Oh, I am also okay with counting this "7 Miler" as my scheduled 8 mile run for the week!

Sun - Off, much needed rest

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  1. Holy moly, I could never run laps. Something about that makes me crazy, but you are so determined...I envy your strength. Way to keep at it Kim!!!