Friday, February 25, 2011

snow day

12 - Run 9 miles outside, 1 hr 33 min
13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 - off SICK
18 - Run 11 miles outside, 2 hr 11 min
19 - rest
20 - Run 2.5 miles on treadmill, 27:45
21 - Bike 1 hr 35 min on trainer, 26 miles
22 - Swim 1400 yds, 29:33
23 - Run 5 miles on indoor track, 49:49
24 - Bike 1 hr on trainer, 15.5 miles AND Swim 1500 yds, 31 min

I was so sick, I could barely move for a few days. Thankfully, I didn't miss any of my long runs though. The weather was so nice on Fri Feb 18 that I decided to not only do my 11 miler alone, but also 2 days early. I was very slow, but I'm glad I took advantage of the warm sunny day! I even passed a guy in shorts and short sleeves. (I still wore a long sleeve top and my running pants.)

My boys are now taking swimming lessons two evenings a week. Since they are in the same class (age 6 and up - level 4), I discovered that I can swim my laps at the same time!!! So, I have about 40 min to push through as many laps as I can - while half watching my boys in the lane next to me. :-) It's fun to hear "Hi Mommmy!" as I'm mid lap, taking a breath.

Today we are in the middle of another snow storm, and of course the schools are closed. I had planned to go run 4 miles on the indoor track at the Nat, but I don't think my van will make it down our cul-de-sac street. (which of course has NOT been plowed yet) Guess I need to talk myself into heading into the basement for a treadmill run now.

Sunday I'm scheduled to run 13 miles. Not sure how that's going to happen with all of this snow? Monday's forecast shows a high of 53. Maybe my 13 miler will be a day late.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Running, Biking, Swimming and thoughts of Spring

Jan 31 - Bike on trainer 1 hr 30 min, 25.3 miles
Feb 1 - Run 4.5 miles on treadmill, 45:15
2 - Bike on trainer 30 min, 8.5 miles
3 - Run 3 miles on treadmill, 31:15
4 - sick
5 - sick - hip exercises and ab work
6 - sick
7 - sick -push ups and ab work - hurt knee on stairs
8 - Run 4.5 miles on treadmill, 49:15
9 - Bike on trainer 30 min, 9.1 miles
10 - Run 4 miles on treadmill, 46:20
11 - Bike on trainer 1 hour, 18.6 miles AND Swim 1,500 yds, 32:53

I need to run 9 miles tomorrow or Sunday. Sunday has the better forecast, so it will probably be that afternoon.

Last weekend I was sick. Thankfully it was a "rest week" for me on my marathon training schedule. There was no way I could have done a long run, much less anything.

Today's swim went much better than my last attempt. I was still slow, but I was much more comfortable and able to do a complete workout.

PUSH-ups are back! I can finally do them again - AND I can sort of do sit-ups again. My time off in December was all worth it. The body is responding. :-)

Looks like nicer weather is on the way next week. Can't wait to be out running in the mid to upper 40s! (Please remind me next fall that I said the 40s sound good!) :-)

Over half of our driveway still has a coating of ICE that is about 1 1/2 inches thick. I've slowly been trying to chip it apart and throw it to the side. Twice now I've almost fallen while trying to walk down for the mail. UGH!

What's getting me through this right now are thoughts of Spring Break. I'll be doing a couple of 5 mile runs that week in Florida and the Bahamas! :-) YES! Matt and I are headed on our first cruise. :-) I'll actually get to wear a bikini again for the first time in 8 years! I CAN'T WAIT!

A whole day will be spent here, at Coco Cay, Bahamas. Ahhhhhhhh....