Friday, January 21, 2011

Cuts, workouts and weight

Finally made it to my family doc on Tuesday. Thankfully, he said the spot/cut on my leg that the dermatologist made a mess out of - isn't too bad. Or well, at least it's not infected and will eventually heal. He recommended I wait a few more days before swimming though. So, maybe next week I will try out the pool and see how many laps I can swim.
If you want a laugh, I'll let you know when this funny show will occurr.

As for the spot on my back that needs done again to get the rest of bad skin, well, I called a doctor (plastic surgeon) that I know and trust - and he's going to check it out and probably do the removal for me. (instead of my dermatologist - who I never want to let cut into me again.) He's going to look at it in two weeks and then the plan is to have it done in May - just AFTER the Cleveland Marathon.
I figured if I have to take 2 weeks off from swimming, biking and running, that was the time to do it. Then, I just have to get back to a schedule quickly before the Deer Creek Oly tri in early June. Ugh.

Training hasn't been too bad this week...
Mon - Bike on trainer, 60 min, 14.6 mi
Tue - Run on treadmill, 3.5 miles, 38 min
Wed - Bike on trainer, 65 min, 17.1 mi and Lifting Bi, Tri, Chest & Shoulders
Thur - Run OUTSIDE in the snow, 3.1 miles, 35:30
Fri - Bike on trainer, 60 min, 14.7 mi

New cycyling shoes have helping my motivation. Plus they fit so much better than my old ones. Same brand and style, but a size bigger. (and cuter)
For my first outside run since early December, some new running mittens really helped! These are neat; there's two 'pockets' inside. The back is fleece, the front is mesh - which is cooler after you warm up! They are Asics Ecoline.
Hopefully tomorrow I will run between 6 and 7 miles. The forecast shows it will be about EIGHT degrees. So, it's either the treadmill or track at the Nat. Yuck. I will try to make the best of it!

OH - I figured out my cramping problem! See, I've been cramping up while running and not knowing why. ?? WELL, while making lunch for my 5 yr old it occurred to me that the low sodium diet I've been on (while supporting my husband) is tooooooo low for me! I was making VERY high sodium and Ramen Noodles and realized I needed a bit! Sure enough - there was NO cramping during my afternoon run that day.

As for my weight...
Overall, I'm pretty pleased. This is January, and I'm at the LOW end of my typical SUMMER weight. :-) Just about 7 lbs to go and I'll be at my ultimate goal. It would be so neat to race at 110! I think it'd be so much better for my joints!
Plus, it'd be nice to look good in the little bathing suit I bought myself. :-)


  1. i'm shooting to lose 5 before xterra...

    and i'm with you...i need the salt! doc even told me to go ahead and add MORE salt to help with my energy from low blood pressure!

  2. That sounds great, you look like you are moving forward. :) I also need a high sodium diet, my doctor told me the same thing, too low of blood pressure, add more salt. I was consistently 80/50 - 90/60... made for some interesting issues; cramping, diziness, etc.

    Let me know when you can run. My pulled booty muscle is slowly getting better, although I have only done up to a 3 mi run.