Sunday, February 28, 2010

Race season officially begins in March

I'm still seeing the chiropractor one to two times a week, but compared to the day I hurt it while shoveling, it's MUCH better. So, my big focus for the last 2 1/2 weeks has been running. I've had a little knee pain after running, but nothing ice won't cure.

My long runs have gone according to my plans, so tonight I signed myself to run the Shamrock 15K next Sunday, March 7, which starts at Woodridge HS in Cuyahoga Falls at 12:00 noon. I've been told by a few people now that it is a very hill course (which makes sense since we'll be headed down in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.)

I have NOT been training on hills at all this winter, so that will be my biggest challenge. I've never run a 15K, but of course I have run some 10 milers and some 1/2 marathons. The milage should be fine. I'm now keeping a close eye on the weather. Being a noon start time should help. It currently looks like it should be in the upper 30s. I'm not looking to set a PR (although as long as I finish, I will set one; cool.) I'd just like this to be a good training run with lots of other runners. :-)

Six day after this race is the St. Malachi 5 Miler in Cleveland. I am looking for a good time that day! I was just happy to finish last year, since I had taken a good deal of time off from running with knee pain. This year I'd really like to improve my time!

Weekly Workouts for Feb. 22 - 28
Mon - Bike 50 min
Tue - Run 7 miles
Wed - off
Thu - Bike 1 hr 15 min
Fri - Run 3 miles
Sat - Bike 1 hr 47 min and Swim 1300 yds
Sun - Run 8.12 miles

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Workouts in review

Feb 8 - 14
Mon - off (back pain still from shoveling)
Tue - off
Wed - off
Thu - Run 3 miles and Elip 10 min.
Fri - Bike 1 hr 10 min
Sat - Bike 1 hr 55 min and Swim 1200 yds
Sun - off

Feb 15 - 21
Mon - Run 3 miles
Tue - Swim 2000 yds and Lift
Wed - Bike 60 min and Run 2 miles
Thu - Run 6 miles and Lift
Fri - Swim 1000 yds and Lift
Sat - Bike 1 hr 53 min
Sun - Run 3.22 miles

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Workout BEAM giveaway from Monica

On Saturday February 6 I tried to shovel some snow off the deck for the dog, but instead I hurt my back. :-( The chiro was closed for the day, so I made an appointment for first thing Monday. I went, and I got a little better. I went again today, and again it's a little better, but I still can't bend over to put my shoes on my feet. Grrr.

Also, at these appointments I found out our new insurance company doesn't cover my chiro. So I had to pay a lot of money for these few visits. I'm happy to say, they called me back after today's visit to say they'd like to keep me as a patient, so they offered to only charge me $5 more than my co-pay was! (instead of me leaving and finding a new doc.) I really like this place: good location, good equiptment, and a great staff. So, I'm happy to be able to stay at the Stow Kent Chiropractor. :)

On another subject, my friend Monica is having a neat giveaway offer on her blog:

It is a workout BEAM. See: for all the information.

Maybe some good CORE workouts on this beam will help my back!!! :-)

Monday, February 8, 2010

My back, my bike, and my "bleeping" skin

Today will be my 4th day in a row without a workout. Friday I had a doc appointment (which is a story in itself...) in the morning, during my normal workout time. That evening I wasn't motivated either, so no running. Saturday I woke up to a foot of snow. While trying to clean the snow off the deck for the dog, I hurt my back. I can't even bend over now. The chiropractor was closed for the day, so I couldn't go until today (Monday.) I'm hoping to feel good enough for a workout by tomorrow morning!
Matt took my bike to Bike Authority today so they can add my new computer to it! (My Christmas present from Matt.) This computer will tell me what gear I'm in without having to try to look down there! It will also show my cadence. Fun stuff. But, I'll have to stick with trying to run or swim until we get it back.
Now, the doc appointment from Friday... I haven't been to the dermotolgist since we moved out of Dayton in March '08. I'm supposed to go every 6 months for a full body check because of my history / skin type. I wasn't looking forward to this, and with good reason. Sure enough, there's another spot on my back that needs to be cut off and stiched up. The doc was ready to do it right that minute, but I wasn't! I asked about how she felt about waiting until next fall (after my half ironman.) She didn't seem to like the idea, but agreed to it. The stiches have to stay in for 6 to 10 days - with no swimming, biking, or running! Plus, I already hate all the scars I have from the other spots being cut up. My back already looks like it went through a knife fight. :-( The problem with putting it off though, is that now I'm going to be thinking about having to go through that for the next 8 months. Yuck.

Weekly workouts for Feb 1 - 7
Mon - Run 6 miles
Tue - Bike 60 minutes
Wed - Swim 1300 yds
Thu - Bike 1 hr 30 min
Fri - off
Sat - off (back pain)
Sun - off (back pain)