Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hermes 10 Miler - April 25, 2009

Hermes 10 Miler April 25, 2009
Sunny and about 80 degrees


Overall: #751 out of 961
Females 30 to 34: #63 out of 86

1st 5 miles: 49:19 9:52 pace
2nd 5 miles: 55:03 11:01 pace

Total time: 1:44:23 10:26 pace

My watch mile splits:
1 9:59
2 9:55
3 9:36
4 9:40
5 10:07
6 10:53
7 11:00
8 10:53
9 11:32
10 10:46

Not exactly what I hoped for in this 10 miler.
Last fall I ran a 10 miler in 1:36. 9:40 pace.

I was hot, and I felt ready to be done by mile 5.
I sure hope this 1/2 marathon in three weeks goes much better.
I'd like to keep a better pace for the 1/2, than I did at the 10 miler.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rich Vojitek Memorial 5k run - April 18, 2009

Yesterday I drove up to Landerhaven in Mayfield Heights for a 5k race. The weather was beautiful - sunny, clear, warm, and not too hot. Since I'm training for a 1/2 marathon next month, I needed to run more than just a 5k. So, my plan was to run 3 miles both before AND after the race, to get in 9 miles for the day. Well, I had a little trouble finding the starting line, so I didn't arrive quite as early as I had planned. My pre-race run ended up being only 2 1/2 miles, but I felt pretty good, even with a little blister on my left arch and a little cramp in my right arch. After the warm up run I found my brother and we headed to the starting line. The course began slighly downhill, but overall was very flat. According to their mile markers, I ran mile one in 8:35, mile two in 10:11, and the last mile and a tenth in 9:03 for a total time of ~27:50. The second mile marker had to be in the wrong place! There's no way I slowed up that much! Several people made the same comment at the finish line. We also heard that the overall finish was a bit more than a 5k, too. Oh well. It was a good hard run, and I was happy with my time, even if it was off. I didn't place, but the girl who was 3rd in my age group passed me somewhere around mile 2 1/2. So, I'm guessing I was 4th in my age group. My brother was 3rd in his age group and won a nice rock / award. :-) I did win a $10 gift card to a restaurant in the drawing after the race - which is great since the entry for this race was only $13. After the awards I did go for another run, but with everyone leaving, my motivation was down, and I only went one more mile instead of the 3 in my plans. My day ended with a total of 6 1/2 miles, which is a little short of the 9 miles I had planned to run, but oh well. Next Saturday I'll be running the Hermes 10 Miler at Edgewater Park in Cleveland.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CTC Indoor Tri - March 29, 2009

I didn't get a chance to write a race report last week because after the tri I was busy cleaning the house and packing for a trip to Vegas. I'm back home in snowy Ohio and finally getting caught up with house work, so I figured it's time for an update.
I had previously volunteered at an indoor tri, but never competed in one. So, this was a first for me. This indoor tri consisted of 20 minutes swimming in a pool, 20 minutes of spinning on a "spin" bike, and then 20 minutes of running around the indoor track, all at Case. (CWRU) About 18 to 20 people competed in the tri, and we went in two heats. I jumped in lane one of the first heat. I typically swim sets of 500m in about 10 minutes, so I figured I would go about 1000m (or 40 lengths.) Sure enough, I went 40 lengths, plus about 1/2 of another, so they rounded up to 41. Since we were using spinning bikes, the bike portion didn't really count for distance, but a CTC guy kept us working hard by coaching us through a workout for the 20 minutes. Down on the 200m indoor track, I knew I would be getting lapped by some of the speedy runners, but it was nice not being on a treadmill. I ran about 2.34 miles in 20 minutes, which is around a 8:32 min. per mile pace. Not bad for me. I didn't set any big goals for the day, but just wanted to get in a good workout in the company of other great triathletes.
I received a certificate for being the first female in my age group (30-39), but I think that's because Elizabeth (also in my age group) placed in the top 3 overall. :-)
My next big race is coming up April 25 when I'll run the Hermes 10 Miler.