Friday, May 28, 2010

May 22 - 28
Sat - Run 3.24 miles (last minute decision to run at 8:30 after the boys went to bed)
Sun - Bike 35.76 miles (alone and mostly on the bike path)
Mon - off (tried to swim, but childcare was FULL)
Tue - Run 6.41 miles (all before Matt left for work) :-)
Wed - Bike 5.8 miles (with Tyler in tow)
Thur - Bike 16.5 miles then Run 2 miles (another nice evening with the Grunt Girls)
Fri - Swim 2000 yds

I'm still behind on the swimming, but glad I got in some laps today. Thankfully, the Munroe Falls MetroPark lake opens for the year tomorrow!!! Looking forward to some Monday night swims there with the Cleveland Tri Club. I also can't wait to try out my new wetsuit!!! My TriGlide arrived in the mail today, so I hope it helps the wetsuit go on and off. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Workout update

May 15 - 21
Sat - Bike 30.66 miles (with ladies from HCC)
Sun - Run 6.2 miles (Cleveland 10K)
Mon - off
Tue - off
Wed - Bike 20 miles
Thur - Bike 11.88 miles and Run 3 miles (with Grunt Girls)
Fri - off

Missed my swimming this past week. Tyler had pink eye, so he couldn't go to the childcare. So far this week, the swimming doesn't look good either. I waited just over 30 minutes today for a spot to open in the childcare before giving up and leaving. It was really busy because lots of preschools are done for the year (just like Tyler's school.)

I'm pretty pleased again with my cycling. Yesterday I went on another "longest bike ride ever," AND I did it all by myself. I went over 35 miles in about 2 hr 20 min, averaging over 15 MPH. :-) I rode up to the bike path by Silver Springs Park and then followed the path through Stow, Hudson, and Macedonia to Alexander Rd and then turned back.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Workouts and Cleveland 10K

I have not had much to write about since my last blog. April didn't go so well when it comes to 1/2 Ironman training. (On the family side, April was great with our vacation to Disney!) However, vacations mean lots of planning, packing, and worrying about flying, which didn't leave a lot of time or energy for training.

For the month of April I biked 3 times, ran 6 times, lifted weights 5 times, and swam 1 time (if you can call laps in the FL pool with the boys swimming.) Ha!

Thankfully, I think I'm back on track for May.

May 1 - 7
Sat - Run 3.18 miles
Sun - Swim 1500 yds and Lift
Mon - Bike 21.08 miles
Tue - Run 4.1 miles
Wed - Bike 23.7 miles
Thur - Run 6.11 miles
Fri - off

May 8 - 14
Sat - Swim 1700 yds
Sun - off
Mon - Swim 2000 yds and Bike 6.8 miles
Tue - Run 3.5 miles
Wed - Bike 27 miles
Thur - off
Fri - Run 4.2 miles

This past Saturday, May 15, I went on my longest bike ride EVER - 30.66 miles. I heard about a ladies cycyling group that's just starting up. It's every other Saturday, starting at the HCC church in Hudson at 8 am. I'm not very good at trying new thing all on my own, but I got ready and went, not knowing what to expect! Well, there were 6 of us and I was told we'd be going about 30 miles and we were headed down into the valley for some hills. Oh my. I've never ridden up a hill from down in the valley - ever. Plus, I've never hit 30 miles in one ride. Plus, I have a 10K race to run the next day (but I know this is part of my big training plan for September.) So, we're off!
I really enjoyed riding with these ladies! I found out a few have children around the same ages as my boys even. :)
We went almost 10 miles, when 3 ladies turned back to get a total of 20 miles in for the day. I stayed with the other 2 ladies to complete the planned ride of 30 miles. We went down into and back out of the Cuyahoga Valley Nat. Park 3 times! If you're familiar with the park, I rode up Northampton Rd (straight up!) and up Bath Rd, and up Truxell Rd. Wow! Quite proud of myself.

Then, this past Sunday, May 16, I ran the 10K in Cleveland (part of the Cleveland Marathon weekend.) I've only run one stand alone 10K before and it was in Cleveland two years ago. My time then was 57:59. I was hoping to beat that time, but I didn't know what to expect after my bike ride the day before.
I got to the race plenty early, the weather was great, and my legs felt much better than I expected. I started out a bit faster than I planned, but after a few miles I decided that since I was still feeling good, I would try to continue my pace - and I did! :-)
Mile Splits
1 - 8:33
2 - 8:55
3 - 9:00
4 - 8:57
5 - 8:54
6 - 9:04
.2 - 1:50
Official Time - 55:17
Pace - 8:48
Another PR for the year. :-)