Friday, September 3, 2010

Just 9 more days until the Rev3 HALF IRON

NINE days until my first half iron. I've already checked twice today. First thing this morning, it sounded perfect: 74 degrees, partly cloudy, and only a 10% chance of rain. Well, it's already changed to a 40% chance of scattered showers. I'm sure the forecast will continue to change every time I check it this week. :-) The BIG question remains: will Lake Erie be as smooth as glass, or filled with waves???

During these last few days of training / taper I have only 2 swims, 2 bikes, and 2 runs left. WOW.

Yesterday I had something new happen - a blister while cycling. ?!? I only rode 30 miles. I left my house and rode down into the CVNP and back up and home. I laced up my shoes and headed out to run. Just 25 yds down the road I pulled my shoe off to shake it out because it felt like there was something in it. I continued to do my 1.6 mile run feeling like a small rock was in still in my shoe. Once I was done and pulled my sock off, I found the big blister (but no rock) - where my big toe joins my foot. It's the SAME place I got a blister during the Perfect 10 Miler when my socks were all wet. I have NO IDEA what caused it during my bike ride. ?? Weird.

Swimming today felt weird with the blister. Yuck.

Weekly Workouts - Aug 28 - Sept 3 (Oh - it's Sept 3 today - had my first ever date with my husband 17 years ago on this day! :-) I had just started my freshman year of college.) :-)

Sat - Bike 26.66 miles and Run 2.2 miles
Sun - Run 6.3 miles (while cheering on everyone running the Buckeye 1/2 marathon)
Mon - off
Tue - Bike 20.09 miles
Wed - Swim 2000 yds
Thur - Bike 30.43 miles and Run 1.67 miles
Fri - Swim 1500 yds

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  1. A blister from cycling? That is really weird. Maybe you had a little sock fold or something.

    I am not checking the weather for next weekend. I have to ride rain or shine, so I'll just wait and see if I need to bring plastic for my seat or not LOL! It's been so dry around here the last couple of weeks, there is sure to be rain.