Saturday, August 28, 2010

Worry, worry, worry

That's me right now. Worried. Worried about pretty much everything that has to do with this race. The dreams have started.

There is so much to think about:
  • What to pack for the weekend?
  • What will the weather be like on race day?
  • How will I keep my gatorade cold?
  • Where do I have to be? and at what time?
  • Where am I going to eat my pre-race dinner? **That's a BIG question!**
  • Am going to be able to sleep the night before the race?
  • How long is it going to take me to finish?
  • Am I going to be able to walk when I'm done?
  • Am I going to be able to walk the next day?

One question was answered today. When will I start? 8:40 am!!!

I like my start time and the way the waves were set up for the half iron.
8:30 - the 30 - 39 yr old men start
8:35 - the young guys and older guys start
8:40 - 18 to 44 yr old women start **That's me!**
8:45 - the oldest men and Clydesdale men
8:50 - 45 and up women, Athena women, and all relays (men and women)

I'm so happy that none of the men start with us. :) At the GCT I was so worried about the guys, that I swam out of my way to avoid everyone.

I can now plan my finish time. I'd like to be done by 3:39 pm. :-)

So, two weeks to race day.

Last Weeks Workouts Aug 21 - 27
Sat - Bike 60.3 miles in 3:26:30
Sun - off (I was too tired to run!)
Mon - Run 4 miles
Tue - Swim 11 min. (I was alone at Headlands and it was wavy, so I cut it short!)
Wed - Run 4 miles
Thur - off (missed my brick because Dylan's bus was over an hour late!) Although I did walk at the ZOO with Tyler for a few hours!
Fri - Swim 2000 yds at the pool and Bike 16.35 miles while BOTH boys were at school

Oh, I bought some new running shoes this week. Walked in them at the zoo on Thurs and did my first run in them today. They are the SAME ones I already had, just the lastest model. They should be just right for race day after a few more runs. :)


  1. You'll be just fine. You certainly are prepared enough!

    8:40 is a good start time. Not super duper early :D

  2. I think your worry is normal, you will be so well prepared next weekend, it is not even funny. Remember you are also in taper mode and for some reason that always puts me on edge.