Sunday, August 22, 2010

Three Weeks until the BIG DAY!!!

I can't believe there's really only three more weeks until my half ironman! WOW! I signed up for this race about 11 months ago, and feel like I've been training for it ever since. My real training started in April, but every workout I did this past winter was with my half iron in mind.

Yesterday I got up at 5 am and drove to Sandusky for another day of on-course training. My goal was to ride harder / faster now that I know I can complete 56 miles at a comfortable pace. I'm happy to say, I met my goal!

I rode 60.3 miles in 3 hours and 26 minutes, which is an average of 17.5 mph. (The last two times I rode this course I only averaged 16.1 and 16.0 mph.) My times and averages do not include a few short stops where we re-grouped a bit and re-filled our water bottles. I actually tried to stop as little as possible this time, so it would be as much like race day as it could be.

I have all of my workouts planned and written down for the next 3 weeks:

SWIM - 3 more open water swims, and 3 more pool swims

BIKE - My longest ride left is about 35 miles. Six more rides total (two of which will be bricks.)

RUN - I have one more long run planned - a half marathon next Sunday, and then just some 5 and 4 milers. (plus the short runs after the two bike rides = bricks)

Weekly Workouts - Aug 14 - 20
Sat - Bike 45 miles
Sun - Run 11.7 miles
Mon - Swim 1600 yds
Tue - Bike 13.27 miles
Wed - Run 3.09 miles
Thur - off (fast trail hike for 1.5 miles)
Fri - Swim 750 yds


  1. Wow! Are you getting really excited yet?

    I need to work on bike speed. Now that I have a speedy bike, I guess that will be easier LOL!

  2. Nice 17.5 is a GREAT average!!! You will rock it!