Saturday, July 31, 2010

Magazine and Recovery Week

July 24 - 30 *recovery week*

Sat - Bike 30.2 miles (all alone - from home, north to Hudson, down in the CVNP, and back up and home) - Spent the evening in Pittsburgh for a very nice (and very warm) wedding.

Sun - Run 10.07 miles (a warm afternoon run on the towpath)

Mon - off / rest (I should have gone swimming, but it's been very lonely at the lake by my house.)

Tue - Bike 13.6 miles and Swim 30 min (indoor mid-day trainer bike ride) (nice evening swim in Lake Erie at Mentor Headlands)

Wed - Run 3.6 miles (very slow early morning run in my neighborhood)

Thur - Bike 16.07 miles and Run 2.03 miles (great brick with the Grunt Girls in the CVNP)

Fri - off (spent all day with my husband and sons at Put in Bay)

I'm really not sure what I'm going to do today. I should probably be swimming or biking right now, but motivation is low. The plan for tonight is to take the boys to the Akron Aeros baseball game. Hopefully it doesn't rain!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to run the Kathleen Nietert Run for Hope. It's a hilly 7 1/2 mile run through Aurora and Mantua. Again, hopefully it doesn't rain! I plan to go early and run a 3 mile warm-up. Plus, I'll do a 1/2 mile cool down, so I can get in 11 miles for the day. :)

Some exciting news from this week is that I was in a magazine! (Ohio Sports and Fitness - ) I recently joined a Women's Only Racing Team called the Grunt Girls. I have had a wonderful time getting to know many of the other ladies and training with them. Here is our new website:
Across the top of the web site is the photo that was in the magazine.

Plus one of the girls was on the cover and another was on the Table of Contents page. :-)

The photo shoot for this magazine was on a warm evening in early July. We all met at an old abandoned building in Cleveland. Minus the heat, it was pretty neat.

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