Friday, July 23, 2010

7 (exciting) weeks until the Rev3 Half

I realized I'm a little behind on my workout updates. So, below is a recap for the last 3 weeks.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Pitt, PA for a wedding, so I plan to get up early to get in my long bike ride for the week. (hopefully I have time for at least 30 miles) I wish I could join the ladies at HCC for the ride, but I'd be too late getting to PA. Guess I have to ride alone.

After we get home on Sunday, I'll aim for a 10 mile run. I hope to go down to the towpath for this, just like I did this past Sunday. It was so nice being mostly in the shade, because it was soooo HOT!

It's hard to believe there's only 7 more weeks until the Rev3 Cedar Point 1/2. Although, I wish it were next weekend. I actually feel ready to do it. I know my continued training for these next few weeks will make race day that much better, but I'm confident I could finish it, even if it were tomorrow. :-)

I have a training run / race planned for next weekend (Aug 1) in Auroa; it's a 7 1/2 mile race, but with my warm-up and cool down, I hope to make it an 11 mile running day.

The week after that (Aug 8) is my last Olympic distance triathlon of the year, the Greater Cleveland Triathlon!

Another week later (Aug 15) is the Perfect 10 Miler in Lyndhurst. I ran that one a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.

Then, each of the next two weekends will bring my last two BIG training days. WOW. :-) On Aug 21 I'll head back to Cedar Point for some more on-course training for the Rev3, and on Aug 29 I'm running a half marathon. ** - which has changed from my original plans. ** I was going to drive down to Columbus for the Spirt of Columbus half mary, but just found out this week there's a half mary only 10 miles from my house, the Buckeye Half!! So, I'm going to do it instead. That way I avoid the drive down, sleeping in a different bed, and the long drive home!

July 3 - 9
Sat - Bike 55.13 miles (Rev3 course)
Sun - off
Mon - Run 5 miles
Tue - Swim ~1200 yds
Wed - Bike 15.12 miles
Thur - Swim 1600 yds and Bike 9.52 miles and Run 2.09 miles
Fri - Run 2 miles

July 10 - 16
Sat - off
Sun - OLY Tri - Swim 1500M, Bike 40K, Run 10K
Mon - off
Tue - Run 5 miles and Swim ~1000 yds
Wed - off - back injury
Thur - off - back pain
Fri - Bike 9.43 miles and Run 1 mile

July 17 - 23
Sat - Rev3 Training - Swim ~1000 yds, Bike 58 miles, and Run 2.22 miles
Sun - Run 9 miles
Mon - Swim 1650 yds
Tue - off
Wed - Track Run 4.5 miles
Thur - Bike 22.4 miles
Fri - Run 3.25 miles and Swim ~1200 yds


  1. Do you ever worry about peaking too early for an event? Training is such a hard thing to figure out.