Sunday, June 20, 2010

Presque Isle Time Trial

Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania was the site of this morning's 12.5 mile bike time trial. The weather was beautiful - sunny, not too windy, and about 70 degrees. Of the about 130 riders, I was #98 and Matt was #99. The riders began every 15 seconds, which put my start time at 7:54 and Matt's at 7:54:15.
I started out pretty fast, because I didn't want to let Matt catch me too quickly. (Ahead of time he said it would only take him one mile to catch me.) Well, I hit 24.5 MPH and realized that was too fast on this totally flat course. Matt passed me right after the 1 mile marker. :-)
I only rode this course one other time, and it took me 42 min and 27 sec - 17.6 avg mph. (That was back in April of 2008.) Today I finished in 37:57, which was an average of 19.8 MPH! My fastest bike average before today was 19.0 mph and that was during the triathlon at Fairport Harbor last year. :)
The next time I ride this course at Presque Isle, my goal will have to be to maintain an average of 20 mph!
After the race Matt and I rode the course again, but together this time. :) So, it was a nice 25 mile day.

Weekly Workouts for June 12 - 18
Sat - Bike 26.25 miles
Sun - off
Mon - Run 5.81 miles and Swim 1340 yds
Tue - Bike 50 min (on trainer)
Wed - Run 8 miles
Thur - off (sick)
Fri - off (sick)

Do to my cold, I missed a lot of workouts this past week, but thankfully I made it through this morning's race and I'm feeling much better this evening.


  1. good job! are smokin'!

  2. Fantastic job at the TT race! Looks like the training is paying off!