Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Workout BEAM giveaway from Monica

On Saturday February 6 I tried to shovel some snow off the deck for the dog, but instead I hurt my back. :-( The chiro was closed for the day, so I made an appointment for first thing Monday. I went, and I got a little better. I went again today, and again it's a little better, but I still can't bend over to put my shoes on my feet. Grrr.

Also, at these appointments I found out our new insurance company doesn't cover my chiro. So I had to pay a lot of money for these few visits. I'm happy to say, they called me back after today's visit to say they'd like to keep me as a patient, so they offered to only charge me $5 more than my co-pay was! (instead of me leaving and finding a new doc.) I really like this place: good location, good equiptment, and a great staff. So, I'm happy to be able to stay at the Stow Kent Chiropractor. :)

On another subject, my friend Monica is having a neat giveaway offer on her blog:

It is a workout BEAM. See: for all the information.

Maybe some good CORE workouts on this beam will help my back!!! :-)

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