Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Race and Long Run

Workouts have not been as consitent as I would like. You'll see, I haven't been swimming at all in the last two weeks. My one son has been pretty sick, and so we didn't even go to the pool one night for his swimmming lesson. I've been good about not missing my runs, just need to keep up the biking and swimming.

Last Sunday I ran my first race of the year, the Shamrock 15k. There had been a snow storm the day before, but thankfully the roads weren't too bad. The HILLS were still there though. :-) We run down into the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and then back up and out. So, the first few miles have good splits, and then it all falls apart. I haven't been working on speed work yet this year, so my time was much slower than last year - by about 9 minutes. BUT, it was still a fun day. 9.3 miles in 1 hr 37 min.

Today I ran my longest road run EVER! Thanks to some great Grunt Girls, they helped me through 15.1 miles in 2 hrs and 33 min. (I ran 15.5 miles one time back in December, but that was on a nice soft trail.) The pace today was pretty good, too - 10:07 avg. :-)

In two weeks I'll run my first 18 miler, two weeks after that another 18 miler, then I have a 17.1 mile race, then just one 20 miler before Cleveland. (of course many other shorter runs in there, but that's the stuff over 13!) Just 9 weeks until the Cleveland Marathon!!!

27 - Run 13.1 miles outside, 2 hr 22 min

March1 - Run 3.5 miles, 34:05
2 - Bike on Trainer, 45 min, 12 miles
3, 4, 5 off - home with sick child / lazy
6 - Run 9.3 miles, Shamrock 15k, 1 hr 37 min
7 - Bike on Trainer, 30 min, 7.6 miles
8 - Run 4.5 miles, outside in my neighborhood, 43:20
9 - off
10 - Run 4 miles on treadmill, 42:20
11 - off
12 - Bike on trainer, 35 min, 9.1 miles
13 - Run 15.1 miles, outside, 2 hr 33 min


  1. It is amazing how quickly the countdowns to big race day go by! You will be awesome! Nice job getting in these longer runs!

  2. I have been saying that this year is the toughest winter to train...the ice alone can make it tough. Way to work through sickness, pains and new benchmarks!