Monday, May 24, 2010

Workout update

May 15 - 21
Sat - Bike 30.66 miles (with ladies from HCC)
Sun - Run 6.2 miles (Cleveland 10K)
Mon - off
Tue - off
Wed - Bike 20 miles
Thur - Bike 11.88 miles and Run 3 miles (with Grunt Girls)
Fri - off

Missed my swimming this past week. Tyler had pink eye, so he couldn't go to the childcare. So far this week, the swimming doesn't look good either. I waited just over 30 minutes today for a spot to open in the childcare before giving up and leaving. It was really busy because lots of preschools are done for the year (just like Tyler's school.)

I'm pretty pleased again with my cycling. Yesterday I went on another "longest bike ride ever," AND I did it all by myself. I went over 35 miles in about 2 hr 20 min, averaging over 15 MPH. :-) I rode up to the bike path by Silver Springs Park and then followed the path through Stow, Hudson, and Macedonia to Alexander Rd and then turned back.


  1. Nice job - I totally understand about the "longest bike ride ever" as I've been getting into that territory recently as well! I missed the group ride tonight, so have to do a solo 30 or so tomorrow. I hate riding solo! :)