Saturday, March 13, 2010

St Malachi 5 Mile Race Report

Today's weather wasn't quite as nice as last weekend, but still good for March in Ohio! Low 40s and rain. My first goal for today was to beat my time from last year, which I knew would be easy. Last winter I had some knee problems, which left me swimming all the time, but not running very much. So, last year my 5 mile time was only 48:00. I also wanted to run under 9 minute miles, finishing under 45 minutes (which would beat my former 5 mile PR of 45:19 set in Painesville in July of '07.) I'm very happy to say that I crushed my goal time.

Total Time - 43:13
Average Pace - 8:39

Mile Splits
1 - 8:14
2 - 8:37
3 - 8:54
4 - 8:48
5 - 8:38

Avg Heart Rate - 177


  1. Congratulations! That is an awesome time!

  2. Nice job!! I suspect this is only the beginning for you.

  3. So I would say this is on track :)

  4. Great pace. I think we might be from the same town. I saw your comment on Lori's blog. I grew up in Chardon and we had a Maple Festival every year.