Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Day

Today was the last day to sign up for a few races before the fees go up. I've been debating for a few days about when / if I should sign up for a full marathon this fall. My MAIN goal for the year is to complete the REV3 70.3 at Cedar Point in September. So, I just signed up for two half marathons - The Spirit of Columbus Half on Aug 28 (two weeks before Cedar Point) and the Akron Half on Sept 25 (two weeks after Cedar Point.)
I'm still debating about the Columbus Marathon in October. I don't know when the fee for that race goes up. ?? I also don't know if my legs, knees, and / or hips can handle all that so close together.
In family news, we made reservations for a trip to Disney World in April. It will be the boys' first trip on an airplane and their first trip to Florida (and Disney!) We're all very excited! :-) I'll do my best to run and swim while we're there because my official half ironman training will have started before we go.

Last week's training:
Tues - bike 1 hr 30 min and run 1.5 miles
Wed - bike 1 hr and run 3 miles
Thur - off
Fri - off
Sat - bike 1 hr 50 min and swim 1200 yds
Sun - swim 1050 yds, bike 20 min, run 3.3 miles

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