Friday, May 1, 2009

Race goals - May 1, 2009

In two days I'll be biking and running in the Silver Springs Biathlon here in Stow. This will be one of the first times that I'm getting a chance to race on a course for a second time! I competed in tris and 5Ks for a year in Dayton, and then we moved up here to NE Ohio. So, I didn't get to try to improve my times on any of those courses. I'm excited (and nervous) to be getting the opportunity this summer to see how my times will compare to last year's times in several races - the first one being this Sunday.
The biathlon is 11.6 miles on the bike and then a 5K run. Last year my bike time was 41:43 (17 mph avg), my run time was 29:52 (9:36), and my transition was 28 seconds.
My transition time was fine, but I want to improve on the bike and the run. I'll be happy with anything better than last year's times, but I'd really like to see at least a 17.5 avg on the bike (18 would be even better, but I don't know if I can do that on this course and this early in the summer), and I'd like to run at least a 29 minute 5K (again, 28 would be better, but I haven't practiced too many bricks lately, so I don't know how my legs will be when I try to run off the bike.)
We shall see. :-)

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