Friday, July 15, 2011

Flag City Triathlon Race Recap

Just over a month ago I raced in my first triathlon of the year, the Olympic Distance HFP Flag City Triathlon in Finday, OH. Better late than never. :-)

Like last year, my plan has been to do an Olympic Distance tri in June, July and August to help with training for the Rev3 Half iron at Cedar Point. The Flag City tri seemed perfect for the June triathlon

The day before the race two other Grunt Girls and I headed to Findlay, found the race start / transition area, got our race packets, and drove the bike course. Nice and flat.

Saturday, June 11, 2011 we got up early from our hotel, ate and got ready, and made it to the start with plenty time to get set up in BOTH transition areas. First was T2, setting up running gear, then we biked over to the swim start / T1 and set up our bikes.

The swim was in a reservoir. The water was flat and pretty uneventful. We did begin with a jump off the pier though:

In T1 I made the mistake of putting on a long sleeve T because I was a bit cool. That took up way too much time with my wet body.

1500yd Swim Time + T1 - 34:43

I loved the bike course. It was all flat, except for a hill out of T1 - and that was DOWNhill. :-) The only problem was the wind, but the tailwind was nice on the return to transition.

24 mile Bike Time - 1:20:11

T2 - 1:18

The run course took us up a flight of stairs and then around the lake where we swam. It was rocky and windy, but totally flat.

6.2 mile Run Time - 1:05:54


I missed a race PR by just over 2 minutes.

This coming Sunday I will be racing the MiltonMan Olympic Distance Triathlon by ChampRacing at Lake Milton. Last week a few Grunt Girls and I rode the bike course and it looks to be a fast course. If I can hold it together for the run, I hope to break my PR!

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