Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TWO 25k Race Reports

Race #1

On Saturday April 9, 2011 I ran the Jackson Laughs 25k (16.14 miles) in Kent, Ohio. We started just after 8 am on a cloudy, 50 degree morning. The race took us all over Kent by way of roads and a bike path. I really enjoyed the course filled with some rolling hills, the flat bike path, and one really steep hill around mile 12.5.

Garmin Mile Splits
1 10:30
2 10:27
3 10:24
4 10:20
5 10:25
6 11:03
7 11:59 - This might be when the place where a dog chased me down the road!
8 10:58
9 11:08
10 10:30
11 10:24
12 10:59
13 11:23 - HILL!
14 10:34
15 10:19
16 9:42
.14 1:19

Total Time = 2:52:32
Average Pace = 10:41

Race #2

Then, this past Sunday, April 17, 2011, I ran the Forget the PR 25k (17.41 miles) at Mohican State Forest in Loudonville, Ohio. Friday night I drove down to our cabin at Mohican Adventures with A and S. We stayed up late enjoying a camp fire and chatting with other friends already there. Saturday more friends arrived and we spent some of the day hiking a portion of the race course. The 8 am race time came early on Sunday morning, but at least we were staying just yards away from the starting line. The temperature was in the mid 40s, it was partly sunny, and sometimes pretty windy.

PreRace Grunt Girl Photo:

The race course was BEAUTIFUL, but VERY HILLY! One hill was even labeled "Big Ass Hill." They went on and on... Plus, we had to climb over and under fallen trees, run through streams, climb up hand-over-hand using rocks and roots next to a waterfall, run behind a waterfall, AND the course included crossing through a RIVER. It was about 25 yds wide and up to thigh deep - and cold!

Garmin Mile Splits
1 10:32
2 13:01
3 13:49
4 19:49 - this was where the "big ass hill" was located
5 14:34
6 14:23
7 16:52
8 13:02
9 19:42 - this might be where we were climbing
10 17:09 - very technical area
11 15:27
12 15:36
13 19:34 - water crossing / covered bridge
14 13:58
15 15:19
16 16:25
17 15:04
.41 4:32

Total Time = 4:28:57
Average Pace = 15:26

Thankfully, I had the wondeful company of my fellow Grunt Girl Stacy for the entire race. It made the experience that much better. :-) Here we are MidRace:

I should probably point out though, that I was officially DQ'd from this race. My name and time will not appear on the race results. I did NOT cross the river in the water. It was deep and cold, and there was a bridge right there to use, so I did. I was particpating in the race to have fun - which I did! If I had gone in the water, the last 5 miles would have been miserable for me, and I didn't want to have negitive feelings about this experience. I watched Stacy cross the river, and unfortunatly she ended up wet up to her neck after slipping. I might have quit if that had been me! So, I did not follow the course, but still had FUN.
Me, just after finishing:

This was my longest race / run ever! I can't believe how much running distance I've been covering this year!

Next up: My very first marathon ever... The Cleveland Marathon on May 15th!

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