Thursday, November 19, 2009

Making lists...

While reading everyone's blogs these last few days, I decided that I needed to change the header on my blog. Some of you have photos there, but I had no idea how to do it myself. So, last night I spent a couple of hours playing around with my photo program and this blog site. I must say that I'm quite amazed that I figured out how to add my own photos. I'm not so sure I like how it came out, but at least I know a way to do it now.

I also just found these fun symbols in the font options. :-) This one reminds me that I had to ride on my trainer at home today. bbbb Y

So, I'm a planner. I like to make lists for everything.

  • what needs cleaned
  • places to visit someday
  • errands to run
  • food to buy
  • meals for the week
  • what food is in the house
  • races I could do
  • races I've done
  • movie to see
  • shows to watch
  • projects to do
  • books to read
  • clothes the boys need
  • workouts to do
  • workouts I've done

I think I could go on and on here...

Currently, I've been working on a list of races to do in 2010. So far, I've only signed up for one: the Rev3 Cedar Point 1/2 on September 12. I made a calendar so I could visualize and count the weeks and begin laying out a training / racing plan leading up the half. Here is a "maybe" list right now:

  • Malachi 5 Miler
  • Hermes 10 Miler
  • Silver Springs Du
  • Cleveland 1/2 (or 10k)
  • Clay's Park Tri
  • Deer Creek or Maumee Oly
  • Sunday in June 50 Miler
  • Milton Man Oly
  • Fairport Pirate Tri
  • GCT Oly
  • Rev3 1/2
  • An October Full Marathon (would be my first ever)

The other big thought on my mind right now is my weight. I've been pretty good with my running, but I haven't been on my bike outside in two months, and I just finally got back in the pool after about two months of avoiding it. On the positive side, I have been lifting weights for the past two months. I hate to admit it, but this is really the first I've used the weight room, regularly, here in NE Ohio. I was really good about lifting when I went to a YMCA in Dayton, but there's big scary men at the Nat. I'm doing pretty good about just staying away from them and acting like I know what I'm doing. So, back to my weight issue. I hate to put a number on it, but I think I'd like to be racing about 10 to 15 lbs lighter next year. My meals are usually pretty healthy, but I love junk food and snacks. It's difficult for me to avoid them since I keep them in the house for my boys. Right now I'm trying to be 'good', but I'm going to cut myself some slack for Thanksgiving and Christmas - I'm not skipping the pumpkin pie! However, I think that starting Dec. 26, I'm going to have to be very strick to get to where I want by racing time.

Well, time to call it a night.


  1. Congrats on all your hard work! Man, you make me realize how lazy I am!

  2. Great new look!

    Looks like 2010 is going to be a great year for you!

  3. Goals are the key, I like having races to looks forward too. Can't wait to cheer you on at everything including your Rev3.

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog about the marathon post! You will love the marathon - it's so fun! Good luck with all your training endeavors. And I like the new header!

  5. And.. thanks again for the comment about swimming! That was so amazing to hear that someone else could only go 50 yards when they started. I feel so much better, and I am starting to make some progress too. Hope you're having a good December!

  6. I was impressed with your header since I am trying to work on mine too and know how much time it takes to figure these things out. Your calendar looks similar to what I plan on doing. See you at the races.